The SHIFT Intensive

ARE YOU READY…???        For a Paradigm SHIFT?

It is at Aliza’s lakeside home in Rowlett, a beautiful, tranquil setting.  We will be doing a deep dive and SHIFTing tons of energy, raising vibration and opening pathways to a better, even greater You.

Sunday, November 22, 2015  1 pm – 5 pm

Investment:   $100          Register Now!           



Shift Cartoon

Are you bumping up against the same walls again and again?  Are you stuck or in a rut?  Ready for something new?  Are you needing a break from overwhelm, distraction or frustration?

Are you a person who is hungry for more, but are stuck in the same old patterns?


If you are like most conscious, spiritual seekers, you might have tried many things, and gotten some results, but just not quite reached your goals or quenched your thirst.  What drives you is that you know there is more for you- more connection, more fulfillment, more money, better relationships, more passion, more purpose!  You have a Hunger Inside of You!  And that’s what drives you to stay on the path.  Let Rev. Aliza show you how to create what you desire.



Join Aliza for a day long adventure where you will:

  • Understand where you are and what keeps you stuck
  • Learn how to identify the yearning and longings as guides to living the life you love
  • Discover how to shift from stress, overwhelm and lack to peace, freedom and abundance
  • Create a pathway to Peace you can use everyday
  • Find a sense of connection and community with other like-minded souls
  • Finally feel FREE to Be all you are here to be!

In this day long intensive you will:

  • Learn what your unconscious blocks are
  • Discover tools to SHIFT the blocks and Open up Pathways to Freedom and Success
  • Be given processes to use daily to keep you aligned with your Dreams and Freed from your past

So that you will be able to:

  • Begin to Live the Life of Your Dreams
  • Observe yourself and SHIFT when necessary
  • Free yourself from the past!

Investment:  $100

Register NOW: