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The World Is Falling Apart

It appears that the world is in chaos. The fires, the floods, the hurricanes, the politics. The hate and violence that appears to be normalizing.



The repeal of DACA – good, honest, hardworking Americans who happened to not have been born here potentially being deported. The crazy, the insane, the scary. What is going on and how do we stand in it?

The United States of America is being hit hard right now. We are not alone, there are fires, outrageous heat, hurricanes and devastation in other countries as well. Since I am American, I will address our country, but not to the exclusion of other countries who are being battered with nature or human devastation.

I offered a LIVE video on Being Battered, watch it here.

Recently we had both the Lunar and two weeks later, the Solar Eclipse, which fascinating enough also only was visible from our country and to most of it. Very curious, you might think. Could it be that we are experiencing the after math of these two spectacular events?  Maybe.

This is a question that was posted to me;

“What’s going on and how can it be fixed? How can believers do something to help?”

Here’s my thought: First and foremost, keep your attention off the drama/trauma and on the Light. Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God.”  Second – if you are in the way of harm – MOVE! Get yourself safe!

There is a story about a man who was trusting God to save him from rising waters. (This is a story, however, it made itself real last week in Houston). The short version of the story is that a boat came by twice, then a helicopter to rescue him, ultimately from the roof. He refused saying God would save him. Finally, he drowned and found himself at the Pearly Gates. He whined to God, why didn’t you save me? God replied, I sent you two boats and a helicopter!

The point being, God isn’t partial to one human over another; God or nature rains (or fires, or floods, or storms) on everyone equally.

Mother Nature is fierce and when she is storming, get out of the way! Keep yourself safe!

There are many theories flying around about Climate Change – isn’t it obvious our climate is changing?! There are theories about some of these storms being man-made or man influenced. At some level, isn’t that obvious also? We are not caring for our earth in a very compassionate and loving way. We are continually contaminating it, taking it for granted and even taking advantage of it. Of course, things are going to happen. (I’m not going to even touch on the man-made weather, but you can google it, if you care to explore another version).

I was asked for spiritual help, so that is what I’m offering.

I believe that humanity is basically good at its core, that we are awakening to Love and light and a new way of living together, in Oneness on the planet. I also believe that everything unlike Love must come up. That is part of what we are experiencing.

With the hatred, the violence. We find ourselves with a leadership that not only condones hatred and violence, but practices it openly. This has granted permission to those who harbor hatred in their consciousness to express it outwardly.

I do not condone hatred or violence in any way shape or form. Yet, as I witness it in the outer, I must look at places within my own consciousness that I’m angry, that I get violent. You should hear my silent rants against the hatred, you’d think I was practicing violence in my own head.

This is all part of the ultimate healing process. We cannot stand for hate or violence at any level and it washes down. We are being called to clear ourselves of hate and of fear.

Remember the bible story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den? Basically, Daniel kept his focus so on his God that the lions’ mouths were closed and he escaped death. Also in the book of Daniel is the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who were thrown into a fiery furnace. Their focus on God kept them from being burned.

We are in fiery furnaces and lion’s dens; so, where do we put our attention? On the drama, trauma? On resisting that which is?

No, we keep our focus on the love that we see, the good that is happening. We don’t bury our heads in the sand, but we don’t give our energy and attention on fear. When we are focused on a greater good, we may be called into action. If you feel the call, take action, but not from fear or resistance to what is.

What is happening? We are being cleansed at a deep level. Just as deep wound needs to be lanced to heal completely, this is happening in our humanity.

Why? Either because we have crazy in charge, which we must remember we voted in. I don’t know how or why, but somehow the crazy has all been voted for. Or we can believe that all this is working together for a greater good.

Romans 8:28, All things work together for good for those who love God.

That does not mean that every event, situation or circumstance is good. It does mean that for those who love God, those who are committed to Love, will find a way to come together for a greater good. Does this mean that disaster won’t strike? No, but when we focus on the good that comes – the connection, the generosity, the community that happens, we find love during it.

Why? I have no clue. It’s crazy making in my mind too. It blows my mind and I can’t even begin to comprehend what we are seeing.

But what to do? Find love, seek love, keep your focus on love. Take a stand for LOVE, do not participate in protests against, only rallies for. Take a stand for kindness, compassion. Do not engage in fear based tactics – no matter what.

Shift your focus from what you see to what you want to see. For what you focus on, you will see more of.

Hold yourself accountable to yourself, and to the awakening of the planet. Trust in the goodness of God/Spirit/Source/ Creation – no matter what.

If you were to create a beautiful garden, you would first need to clear out the weeds, and till the soil. If this is what’s happening on a global scale, so be it.

Trust that you are protected, that you are love and loved; that you will not only survive, but also thrive. Does that mean that you will escape all the crazy, perhaps not, but you will get through it; you will be ok!

I believe we are being called to reassess our values, to recalibrate our lives. Sometimes it looks hard and scary, but that which matters most will remain, will survive, will rise above.

I’ve cleared a few spots in my calendar to support those who are traumatized by current events and are seeking support.  Simply fill out this quick survey and let me know what’s going on for you.

The other great big piece is that we are each, individually and collectively being called to do our own healing work, to have our own awakening. That sometimes is the hardest work, but it will pay off! It will bring you great comfort and peace in your own consciousness and your own live. It will also bring clarity about what is yours to do.

When we stand in our Truth, in Love; we are guided as to how to individually participate in the world. Sometimes it is action, other times it is prayer.

For everyone, pray love; pray rain where the planet needs it; pray dryness where the globe is saturated. Pray balance in nature and the softening of the brutality in all our planet.

Pray love. Be love. Pray light. Be light. Trust in that which is greater than all of it. Trust in a greater good that will be revealed.

Notice I did not say pray for; I said Pray!

Know that you are not alone, you are love, you are loved, you are loveable forever. Practice kindness and compassion. Give love your attention. Release fear, release judgment, forgive that which you see and don’t understand.

Our God, no matter what name or flavor you call it, is a God of Love, of goodness. Practice your deepest, broadest beliefs and encompass the globe with your love, your faith, your trust.

That is what those who are believers in a greater good are called to be and to do.

So much love to our planet. So much love to our country. So much love to you, who are suffering, who are struggling to make sense out of senselessness. So much love to our Humanity.

If you’d like support, contact me!

In-Joy and with Ease,

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Musings on the Eclipse

Today is an auspicious day. Here in the United States of America, visible across the entire country there will be a solar/lunar eclipse.

I’m intrigued.

What does this mean? While I’ve been reading and seeing many, many interpretations across the internet, I wanted to go within. What does it mean to me?

This is the first of this type of eclipse in a century. That is significant. That it comes at this time in our history seems significant. that is covers our entire country and not much else (ok, a little of Canada) is significant in light of our current countries appearance.

If the Sun is the masculine energy and represents the ways of society at large and the Moon represents the way of the feminine energy; the Moon is going to completely cover the sun for a matter of moments. The feminine is going to completely block out the masculine for a matter of moments.

The masculine is logical, intellectual, lineal, head based. It is where we compare and contrast, which leads to discrimination and oppression. It is about power and fighting to get what it desires. It is more apt to overpower another than work together.

Now, these are very wide and loose descriptions and I use them to point out how our current world is being.

The feminine on the other hand is much more about connection and communication; about collaboration and seeing and being outside of the box. It is more creative and less lineal. It is the language of the heart and deeply cares about the person, more than the outcome; cares more deeply about the process than the result.

What if this covering over, this eclipse was a portal into a new way of being; what if it is a doorway from where we find ourselves to where we want to be? In energy, vibration, frequency and ways of being? What if? It could be.

What if the eclipse is a breath. Simply a deep, cleansing breath for all of humanity, especially those of us in the United States? What if it is a moment of reset? Of clearing? It could be.

It’s interesting to me that this eclipse covers the entire country, and no others. It’s interesting to me that our country is in such apparent chaos and distress even at this very moment.

How might you use the energies today? How might you align with a greater good, a great and grand surprise? How can you allow this eclipse to catapult your awakening? Your heart? Your business? Your spirituality? Or nothing at all?

The thing is this is nature and there is nothing we can do to control it and I believe it will affect our world and our planet in deep and profound ways that also might be subtle and not visible for some time.

Nature does not discriminate, nature does not care; nature simply is and we are part of it.

I encourage you to take some time, if not during the actual eclipse, but today, to contemplate. What is working well in my life? What is not working so well? What would I love to see instead? Is there an inner impulse that is wanting to be recognized?

Listen deeply, align with that which is greater than you. Let your body, mind, heart and very being, be touched by this once in a lifetime event today.

Thanks Pamela Hawkins for posting this Ansel Adams picture!


In-Joy and with Ease,

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Sunday Sabbath

Sunday Sabbath – in the beginning when creation created the earth; the sun and the moon and the stars; the land and the seas; the plants and animals and humans; in the beginning when it was all created there was time for rest. Rest and reflection. This is called the Sabbath. It wasn’t so much that God was worn out and tired like we get at the end of the week, but it was more like:

Ahhh, look, at the beauty. Look at the miracles; Enjoy this moment for it is Good.

Sunday (or whatever day you choose) Sabbath is vital to our spirits and souls as much as our bodies. How many of us run too hard, work too long, push too fast? How many of us really take the time for stillness?

I know even me, this morning as I was sitting, instead of simply sitting, I got on Facebook and started scrolling. While that is fun and sometimes entertaining and certainly mind-less activity at times; it is not Sabbath.

Sabbath for me is quiet, it is sitting still for time. It is easy conversation, going with the flow. It is paying attention to that which is greater than me. The sun, the moon, the trees, the waters. It is noticing the birds and squirrels and chipmunks. It is watching at wonder at the hummingbirds and butterflies. It is basking in the glory of the beauty of the moment.

Even if life happens to be hard at the moment, or even if it is showing up exquisitely, sitting in Sabbath allows the time and space for the body to relax, the soul to catch up and the Spirit to simply Be. It can be like putting your mind in a time-out. No thinking today. Some light daydreaming perhaps, but no figuring it out, no struggle in thought.

Lay it down for today and look around at something you don’t normally notice. I’m not talking about the dust on the window sill, or the dirt on the floor. Look outside, look within. Look for the beauty of Spirit.

It’s Sunday Sabbath time – what will you do to nurture your Spirit, Soul, Body and give your mind a rest today?


In-Joy, With Ease and LAUGHTER,

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Prayer Poem

Spirit – Entities of Light,
I bow to you in gratitude;
l humble myself with appreciation and openness.
Let me be the light of the world,
guide me in the release and
dissolving of patterns in me
that allow me to more fully be You,
be the light,
be the presence of Love in the Universe.
Guide me in serving the world,
guide me in being in energetic flow
of abundance, health and
deeply fulfilling relationships.
Use me, Fill me, Empty me and
through me bless the world.
Thank you!
I am you and you are me.
I am the Light of the World.
I am grateful, I am gratitude embodied.

And so it is.


Thanks to Athena Burke for the use of her beautiful image.

In-Joy and With Ease,

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Argue for Your Limitations and You Will Be Right

Argue for your limitations and you will be right.

I found myself arguing with Spirit this morning. I had stumbled upon another layer of belief structure in which I’ve been operating. It appeared to me as something that was being called to be dismantled and dissolved because it was in fact, holding me back from my greatest truth and expression.

I’m deep immersed in a 40-day spiritual healing protocol and one aspect of it is, frequent realizations of a belief I’ve held, a judgement I’m attached to or other false evidence appearing real. Some have been great releases with huge emotional impact. Others have gently slipped away almost without notice.

But this one today, caught me by surprise. It flummoxed me, flabbergasted me that it took concentrated effort to let it go. That appears to be an oxymoron. Effort to let go. Yep. In fact, spoken in that simple term, you might relate.

This belief that jumped into my awareness, as I unpacked it and began the process of unraveling it all the way to its inception and origination, confused me. I argued for it. I struggled to understand that I had understood it wrong. I was thrown off by the need to let it go. Yet, I was being called and asked to let it go so that something better, more Truth filled could replace it.

And so I let go of my need to figure it out. I relinquished my need to know what would replace it and how exactly it would work in my life. I surrendered into Spirit once again. It was as if I took a free fall  choosing to continue my journey and trust; and was caught in a beautiful place of peace. My shoulders relaxed, a smile came to my face and I took a deep breath in and out again. I fell into a complete sense of well-being.

Oh, that was easy! Only once it was. I, once more, am transformed by the renewing of my mind, by the release of old belief patterns that no longer serve me. I have no clue what might replace the belief I released, perhaps nothing at all. I have no need, (at least today) to figure it out, Instead, I bask in expansion, I soar in freedom and I bow in gratitude for this journey I’m on, for this life I live.

If you’d like support on your journey, schedule a free consultation call – I’m happy to chat!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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More Will Be Revealed…

Could that be the name of my next book? 

When I was younger I was called to step out of what I knew and what was expected of me into something else. When I was older, I was called, many times – to leave marriages, to leave jobs, to step out of my comfort zone. Called to what? Exactly what, I’ve never been sure, but always it was a step of faith, a leap into the unknown. The journey into your Essence and your Self and the journey of bringing that forth is an entry into the unknown.

What can you know? Only that which has come before, never that which is yet to come.

I’m called now, into another sacred pilgrimage. What it will bring, I have no idea. I have an intention, I have a plan, as much as my humanity would desire it and I’m completely and totally unattached to the outcome. The only thing that I know for sure is that I will have an experience.

Will I like it? Will it be easy? Will it bring me what I desire? I have no idea, only a trust, a sweet surrender into the unknown.

I was speaking with a dear friend and the phrase, “More will be revealed” came out of our mouths several times. So much that I knew I had to write about it. It might be the name of my next book, but we will see because, yes, you guessed it: More will be revealed.

In the past month, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and offering #40Days of Healing Energy for the World, I did a group Sacred Healing Session (I’m happy to send you the recording of that, just send me your mail and it will be on its way,) and I’m being bolder about some of the gifts that I have and use.

I am being called to a new level of authenticity, of bringing my healing gifts to the world, to embracing my Goddessy self, remembering my Priestess work and to a deeper unveiling of my Essence. I don’t know exactly how it will unfold as it relates to my work, but I can feel it forming. I can feel it coming.

In early May, I’m heading off on a spiritual pilgrimage to spend two weeks with John of God, deep in the heart of Brazil. My husband is not going on this trip, so I feel like I’m going alone, even though I’ll be with a group.

I’m preparing for something. I’m being stripped clean of all that no longer works (much of the way I’ve been doing business on Facebook, for one), beliefs, structures and the sense of “trying to make it happen”.

Last week we moved after spending almost six months in Phoenix, back to our home in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and since then I’ve been in a deep unraveling process. Unraveling stress I didn’t even know I was carrying, unraveling a constriction I didn’t know what there. Unraveling that leads to deep relaxation and lots of rest. I don’t have much on my calendar for the next couple of weeks as I head into my pilgrimage and that feels good.

I don’t have much on my calendar when I return and that feels curious. I’m surrendering (or unraveling) into a deep place of quiet and trust. One that is familiar, but long lost. I can feel a remembrance of a longing to traverse the world, the planet and my spirituality with new wings and in that I’m letting go.

What will it look like?  I’m not sure – More Will Be Revealed.



I say I have nothing on the calendar, but here are the few opportunities coming up this summer. Mark your calendars and stay tuned!

I have opened up a new version of my signature program: Awaken – A 12 Week Journey of Unearthing Your Most Authentic Self – More Information here. This will begin in late May or early June, as the group is formed. I’m looking for 5-6 people who are willing to dive deep, to discover the deeper aspects of themselves in a 12 -week format.  I imagine that this will become my primary program and for this session, I’ll be doing beta-testing, which means, discovering what works best in the virtual format, how you respond and I’ll be asking for feedback.

For you – my loyal readers – for a select 5 or 6 – I’m offering a low, low price of 4 installments of $250. That’s about 1/3 of the regular retail pricing.

Reply to this email if you are curious, intrigued, interested and we can set up a call to discuss details.


I’m also feeling called to offer another Women’s Retreat in July. This one will be in Hot Springs Village, AR. Feel into a deep, replenishing, restoring, reconnecting weekend with sacred sisters.  Oh my, that feels good!  Does it to you?  If so, let me know and you’ll be the first to be invited!



Summer session of the Prosperity Plus Program will begin May 31!  Information This is for anyone who is wanting to experience a greater abundance and flow of Divine energy, finances, health, relationships, vocation or time! This is a structured teaching program of life mastery principles and support.  What would you love is the foundational question. What would you love???  Not sure? More will be revealed, if you step into this transformational and fun, expansive teachings. Many people take this course repeatedly over time and achieved expanded and exponential results.


All in all – More will be Revealed!

Feel free to message me, reply to this email or otherwise let me know what you are interested in!


In-Joy and With Ease,

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The Shootings Just Got Personal

My friend was shot several times last night. Please pray for him. Although it is not life threatening, it is serious.

Yesterday on the news we witnessed a deranged, or at least disturbed, man out in the world shooting random people on Facebook LIVE. There was actually one murder filmed and the man was bragging about many more.

Then I found out this morning that one of my son’s best friends growing up was shot.

That gets personal. That’s a bit too close.

Our culture is so wrought with violence, I think we get a little immune to it. Between the violence on TV and in our movies to the neighbors down the street. It’s outrageous to me.

I often talk about how the violence disturbs the calm peace of my soul and I buffer myself from it for the most part. I don’t watch much news, I don’t follow global news, I don’t pay much attention to the government workings or politics. I stay pretty isolated from much of the world. In fact, have for most of my life.

As a child, I didn’t pay attention and then as a young adult I found New Thought thinking and eventually became a New Thought Minister (Unity). We / I focus on the positive, I can find the silver lining in pretty much anything. It’s not that bad things haven’t happened, its more that I know how to shift my focus from the negative to the positive pretty quickly.

I was accused recently of living in a bubble. It appears to be true. I have counseled and coached hundreds of people having hundreds of experiences of grief, rage, despair. There is not much that anyone of my clients could tell me that would shock or surprise me about our humanity or life on this planet.

However, sometimes things get a little close. Eric’s shooting is that for me. I’ve known this kid since he was 10 years old. He was always in the midst of anything my son was getting into. Yes, I’m implying trouble. Together, the two of them were trouble! Like many teens, they explored in mischief. My first reaction when I discovered another shenanigans was to blame Eric.

Of course, as these boys grew up, I discovered that Eric’s mom always knew it was my son who was the trouble maker and that it was true.

They’ve grown up to be really great young men. They are professionals in their fields, they are responsible and they are kind, loving men.

I digress. Back to the shootings and violence. I wonder and have often said that the violence is becoming normal, it is minimized because of what we watch on the screens of our lives. And we learn it well. Even the young toddlers are often participating in violence on the games they play. War, shooting, killing are common themes in video games.

But where does it stop? How can I personally impact the world with my positivity? How can I disengage from violence without hiding my head in the sand? Where does violence live in me? How am I violent with my thoughts and or words?

As I contemplate these questions it occurs to me that all violence stems from a deep seated anger, rage which typically originates in fear. What if we were all safe? What if we knew our safety that we were not threatened by others or life itself?

When violence enters into your world, you lose a sense of safely, for some the very foundation of who you know yourself to be on the planet is rocked. Another question surfaces, once you lose a sense of safely, how do you recover it?

Sure, there are places I could be kinder, if even to myself and the ways I talk to me. I could take action, but I don’t want to engage with violent protests. In fact, I don’t want to protest anything. I’d much rather take a stand FOR, rather than a stand Against.

Today, I put out a call, a plea and a request. If you are a light worker, if you are a conscious being who is tired of the violence of our planet; if you have been impacted by violence in your life will you stand with me? The antidote to violence is communication, is a heart-felt sharing from a place of safety.

Today, I stand for Peace. Today I stand with my heart breaking open along side of anyone and everyone who has been impacted by violence. Today I say, “I’m so sorry you have had to experience this by either being the victim of violence or the perpetrator of violence, but together, let’s find another way.”

Today I pray for all that they and we might find a new way. Today, I remember that I am One will all who live and so I look deeper in me. I heal the places in me that are participating in violence.

Today, I vision and imagine a world of safety, a place to express emotions without violence; a way of being on the planet that knows Oneness with each other and the planet. I consciously release anger, fear, rage, judgement and violence. Today I am more conscious to connect with every person I meet. Today I slow down and give thanks for all the blessings.

Today, I communicate with someone I wouldn’t have yesterday, if only a smile or a kind word. Will you join me in seeing peace, in seeing love in being Peace and Being Love in the world? Will you join me in holding all who are affected by violence in a bubble of love, kindness, compassion and safety?

For my friend Eric, and his family and friends and for the thousands who were directly impacted by violence today, I say,

“I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.  I love you. Thank you!”

(The ancient Hawaiian Oh Ho’oponopono prayer.)

My heart breaks and I call it good for every time I allow myself to deeply feel, to experience a heart breaking moment, the barriers of my deep heart break down and there is more room for love, for peace, for light. Bring on the light – and as I open more consciously to it, perhaps my humanity becomes a bit easier to accept. Here’s to healing, a deep healing of the pain within our planet and our lives.

Biggest Blessings,

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Aliza Bloom Robinson, author, speaker, vibrational catalyst; touches hearts, frees souls and transforms lives through her simple yet profound programs and courses. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create a Life You Love, and the companion Guidebook. Join the fb community Falling Into Ease for daily tips, ideas, coaching and more!

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Reflections on Birth

Today is March 20 – first day of spring, first day of the first day of my daughter’s life. I remember it so well. She was already a bit late – I’d thought I’d have a St Patrick’s day baby. But no. She didn’t come.

I remember the moment I realized I was pregnant. I was terrified and thrilled in equal proportions. My dear college friend and her husband had just been visiting us in Durango CO for a few days. We all talked about wanting to have babies. I think we all decided we wanted babies, but the timing wasn’t exactly right. Mitch really wanted on, Mary wanted to wait; I really wanted one, my husband at the time wanted to wait.

Within a couple of week, called Mary and told her I’m pregnant. She replied, “Me too.” Isn’t that crazy? It was for me. Our babies were born about a week apart.  At any rate, I remember thinking, my life is going to change and I’m so excited.

I knew she would be a girl, I knew her name would be Amie, (French for friend). I loved being pregnant! I loved the feeling of creation happening right inside of me. I loved feeling her move and dreaming about holding her in my arms. I loved like I’d never loved before as I prepared for her to arrive on the planet.

Even though she was a bit late in coming, I was still working, trying to complete a project before she arrived. I was a computer programmer for Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO at the time. I was the only one on this project and I was so close to completing it, but there was a little snag, right at the end. I stayed late that day to work through it and was the only one in the office when my water broke.

I called my husband and we began the journey to parenthood, one that would arrive before the night ended!  What a moment! It was profound in so many ways. One moment I’m pregnant with this baby and the next I’m holding this little life in my arms. Looking at her; holding her, smelling her newborn scent. Oh my heart is so full that it is leaking out of my eyes.

If you are a parent, think back to the first moment you held your first child. Take a moment to rekindle the feelings and especially the wonder and love.

As I reflect on my daughter’s birth, I also reflect on the birth of my first granddaughter, Jaedyn. She will be 8 on March 29. I was there, I was honored to be with Amie and her husband in the birthing room. I so wanted to be part of this experience. I was living in Austin, TX and they are in the KC area. I got a call late one evening, 10:30 pm on a Saturday evening. I was getting ready for bed, preparing for the Sunday Services. It was Amie. She said, I think my water broke. I asked, did it or did it not. She said, yes.

I jumped in the car and started the 12-hour drive with my son. I got on the phone and asked a friend to cover the Services and we drove all night. From the moment, Amie told me she was pregnant, I felt this baby. I already knew her.  I wanted her to wait for me.  I made it, I was there when she arrived and I even got to cut her cord. Oh my, my heart broke wide open again. I felt a love like nothing I’d ever felt before. I was immediately catapulted from parenthood into the realm of grandparenting, and it is the very best ride I’ve even been on.

Love is love and I love; then there is the love for a baby child and then there is a love for a grandchild. Holy cow! If you are a grandparent, you know what I’m talking about. It’s like the love you have for a child all of a sudden get multiplied with the birth of their child.

This morning I’m in memory, as I honor and celebrate my daughter’s life, from the moment she was born right up to today – her 32nd birthday. What a journey we take on this planet we call earth and this thing we call life. There are ups and downs, there are twists and turns.

Birth is a beautiful thing, but it is only the starting gate. Birth is the beginning of a journey on this planet. We can recall the Births of our children and grandchildren, but also consider birth of anything new; a project, a business, a program; a book.

Creation is amazing. Creation is beyond our infinite imaginings. Creation is what will bring us home; it is what gives us hope in the darkest hours; and illuminates our wildest dreams. Creation is greater than anything we can do or think or be.

On this, the first day of Spring contemplate birth and creation; be it a child or business or project. Contemplate all the miracles that comes into play by bringing creation from an inkling of an idea into fullest form. Reflect on what has been created in your life; that which you love and that which you would like to change. Reflect on the power that you have within you – not in and of yourself, but along side of you, that is Creation wanting to birth something new in you.

May you be love, loved, and loveable. May you plant seeds of loving kindness and compassion. May you be touched by the wonder and awe of creation and birth. May you be blessed by the fruits of your creation today and always.


For my daughter and granddaughter (and other family, too) I love you to the moon and back. I’m so glad I was part of your creation and birth and life!


In-Joy and With Ease,

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Aliza Bloom Robinson, author, speaker, vibrational catalyst; touches hearts, frees souls and transforms lives through her simple yet profound programs and courses. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create a Life You Love, and the companion Guidebook. Join the fb community Falling Into Ease for daily tips, ideas, coaching and more!

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Out Beyond

Out beyond all ideas of right doing and wrong doing is a field I’ll meet you there – Rumi.


Out beyond all thought is a field, I’ll meet you there. Out beyond all physical is a field, I’ll meet you there.

Out beyond is all that is real. It appears to be beyond what we call reality on this planet, but it is the only thing that is really real.

We call it the beyond.

The beyond is beauty, love, grace, all creativity and infinite possibility.

The beyond is the place of Spirit, the impulse of creation, the void of the dark.

Not the dark as is scary dark, but the dark as in the dark of the womb, of the deep earth where seeds are planted and true nurturing happens.

Meet me in the beyond – beyond the situations and circumstances of the world; beyond the conversations we typically have; beyond all time and space.

Meet me there, in true communion, in oneness, in quiet.


In-Joy and With Ease,

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Aliza Bloom Robinson, author, speaker, vibrational catalyst; touches hearts, frees souls and transforms lives through her simple yet profound programs and courses. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create a Life You Love, and the companion Guidebook. Join the fb community Falling Into Ease for daily tips, ideas, coaching and more!

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Buck the Status Quo!

And Escape Average

There’s nothing great about average and where has status quo got you? In the doldrums of the dead sea of waiting.

Waiting until you are fully inspired. Waiting until something changes or happens or goes away.

Status quo is this made up illusion that most of society buys into. It says what you have is enough, you don’t want to be greedy do you? Enjoy what you have, others don’t have even that much. It says, stay and work towards benefits. It says, who do you think you are?

What is status quo anyway? I have been working with the title statement since I took a training last week and bumped up against it. Thanks Kelly Jo Murphy for the inspiration.) Webster defines status quo as simply what is, the current situation.

Hmmm, what’s wrong with what is? Nothing, especially if you’ve read my recent articles about Acceptance and Allowing, but living in status quo will change nothing.

We are spiritual beings living in a human condition; one that is ever evolving. We are either always moving towards more love and life and expansion or we are contracting, shrinking and ultimately dying.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing.”

We are ever evolving, growing and changing and if we aren’t then we begin the dying process. Think about it in your life, in the small ways. If not the ultimate death of your body, there are many ways to be dying. In your work, if you aren’t excited and learning and doing new things, you might get bored or discourages. In relationships; if they aren’t kept fresh they go stagnant. Think of the dead sea – it’s dead because there is no fresh water coming in; there is no release of the old that no longer serves.

So what about average? Is average good enough? Really? Sometimes enough is enough and average is ok, but in the things that mean most to you is average enough? No, of course not. Dream big – it keeps the juices flowing! Go for your dreams – it keeps the energy moving in an expansive manner bringing all kinds of new opportunities!

I’m all for bucking the system; bucking the status quo not from a place of fighting what is, but instead with an energy awareness of growing and experiencing and expanding in my awareness and consciousness.

Buck the system, buck the status quo. Let go of what is in order to step into what would be greater! Sometimes you do have to let go of the good to allow the greater.

What can you buck today? Where can you let go of something good (or ok, or alright) to make room for something greater???

Today, I’m letting go of what I think I should be doing to build my business in order to do the things that I love! Like writing, and leading Open Heart Meditations!  Things like connecting with new friends and taking walks. Things like encouraging you to buck your status quo for your dream life!

I love you and I want only the best for you! Come on let’s do this thing!


In-Joy and With Ease,

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Aliza Bloom Robinson, author, speaker, vibrational catalyst; touches hearts, frees souls and transforms lives through her simple yet profound programs and courses. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create a Life You Love, and the companion Guidebook. Join the fb community Falling Into Ease for daily tips, ideas, coaching and more!