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Musings on the Eclipse

Today is an auspicious day. Here in the United States of America, visible across the entire country there will be a solar/lunar eclipse.

I’m intrigued.

What does this mean? While I’ve been reading and seeing many, many interpretations across the internet, I wanted to go within. What does it mean to me?

This is the first of this type of eclipse in a century. That is significant. That it comes at this time in our history seems significant. that is covers our entire country and not much else (ok, a little of Canada) is significant in light of our current countries appearance.

If the Sun is the masculine energy and represents the ways of society at large and the Moon represents the way of the feminine energy; the Moon is going to completely cover the sun for a matter of moments. The feminine is going to completely block out the masculine for a matter of moments.

The masculine is logical, intellectual, lineal, head based. It is where we compare and contrast, which leads to discrimination and oppression. It is about power and fighting to get what it desires. It is more apt to overpower another than work together.

Now, these are very wide and loose descriptions and I use them to point out how our current world is being.

The feminine on the other hand is much more about connection and communication; about collaboration and seeing and being outside of the box. It is more creative and less lineal. It is the language of the heart and deeply cares about the person, more than the outcome; cares more deeply about the process than the result.

What if this covering over, this eclipse was a portal into a new way of being; what if it is a doorway from where we find ourselves to where we want to be? In energy, vibration, frequency and ways of being? What if? It could be.

What if the eclipse is a breath. Simply a deep, cleansing breath for all of humanity, especially those of us in the United States? What if it is a moment of reset? Of clearing? It could be.

It’s interesting to me that this eclipse covers the entire country, and no others. It’s interesting to me that our country is in such apparent chaos and distress even at this very moment.

How might you use the energies today? How might you align with a greater good, a great and grand surprise? How can you allow this eclipse to catapult your awakening? Your heart? Your business? Your spirituality? Or nothing at all?

The thing is this is nature and there is nothing we can do to control it and I believe it will affect our world and our planet in deep and profound ways that also might be subtle and not visible for some time.

Nature does not discriminate, nature does not care; nature simply is and we are part of it.

I encourage you to take some time, if not during the actual eclipse, but today, to contemplate. What is working well in my life? What is not working so well? What would I love to see instead? Is there an inner impulse that is wanting to be recognized?

Listen deeply, align with that which is greater than you. Let your body, mind, heart and very being, be touched by this once in a lifetime event today.

Thanks Pamela Hawkins for posting this Ansel Adams picture!


In-Joy and with Ease,

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From Collapsing to White Rocking Chair Peace

From being on top of the world, centered in the truth of who I am, collapseconnecting with amazing people and feeling really, really good to collapsing to a white rocking chair, peaceful experience, it’s a journey I took the other day.

Do you ever struggle with showing up completely? Or do you, like most of us, including me, sometimes shrink or show up part way?

I was traveling across country, something I’ve done many, many times. I left from the Little Rock, AR airport, which was quiet and relatively relaxed, got on a plane with an empty seat next to me, so went into my natural state – a quiet mode. I read some, I meditated, I watched. All was going along just perfectly smoothly.

Then I got off the plane in Charlotte for a layover and plane change. It was absolute chaos. The line in the tarmac waiting for the valet luggage was long and tight; moving into the terminal there was a mass crowd. People everywhere, it was packed! I went into the ladies room and there was even an agent directing traffic there. Crazy.

I noticed that I wasn’t feeling quite as good as I had been a bit earlier, so I thought to myself, “I wonder what’s going on?” As I’m walking through the crowds trying to navigate into a new place, a different terminal I realized my energy had collapsed in order to compensate for the chaos.

What I know to be true for me is collapsing is a defense mechanism, a safety valve, but most of the time it doesn’t work.

So I’m walking, noticing what is different in me from the last airport to this one and I got it! It was only me!  Just as I realized what I had the opportunity to do I came across a quiet space. Right in the middle of the busy-ness there was an opening.

img_20161013_141806718 admin-ajax

Check out this picture. There was a rounded out area of windows with white rocking chairs. It’s awesome. And the funny thing is, the crowds seemed to have disappeared.

So I’m taking a few moments to write, to share, to reconnect with myself. To honor my energy collapse by taking care of myself. What I notice is, I’m back! Feeling good again.

So what does this have to do with you?  Next time you are noticing that you are not feeling great, that you are procrastinating, or putting off, or resisting something, notice it. Take a moment to check in. Ask yourself, What’s going on?  Am I collapsing?

Most likely the answer will be yes, I’m collapsing. We’ve been talking a lot in different arenas about the energy of collapse. What is the opposite? Open and expansive. Receptive and ready.

What do you do when you notice you are collapsed? Stop. Look. See. Tell the truth. Take action. For me, this time the simple act of noticing was enough to choose again. As soon as I choose to pay attention these amazing rocking chairs appeared.

I was able to sit for a minute, disconnect from the chaos around me and breathe. Breathing does wonders.  Try it, you might like it.

Plant your feet firmly on the ground and let any tension drop down your body, through your feet and into the ground. Feel your energy being filled up, expand your chest, open your palms and take a few more deep breaths.

Ask yourself if there is anything you need?  Water, food, rest? Take care you. Then take an extra few moments to simply be. Open, expanded, alive, free.

I’m headed back into the terminal to find my way to my next gate. There might be chaos there too, but I don’t need to collapse into it, or allow it into my energy field.

Take another moment or two to fully integrate the centered, grounded state before you go back into life.

Head out with a smile and have a blessed day!


In-Joy and With Ease,

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Looking Forward by Looking Back

Sometimes the pathway is simply forward. Other times it involves a time of reflection and looking back.  I’m heading out tomorrow for a week long journey and I thought I’d take a moment to invite you along for the ride with me.


My coach, Therese Skelly has recently challenged me in a way that has me thinking (like coaches like to do… 🙂 ) So, I’m looking at the next week as a journey and I’ll be sharing it with you.forward-and-back


Tomorrow Rob and I are heading out to Kansas City. We will stop in at the Independent Alliance of Ministers in Unity conference, just long enough to give and receive hugs from a few of our friends.  He will be then heading out for his 50 Year High School Class Reunion. (That’s just weird to me, because I think he’s about 50 years old. Ha! 🙂 )


I will be facilitating a retreat – with my dear long time, Priestess sister, friend, Pam Hawkins on Friday through the weekend.  Due to unforeseen circumstances one of our attendees has had to cancel – so guess what???  That’s the good news for YOU-
Were you thinking about it, but it just didn’t quite work?  Sometimes it is the very last minute openings that jump out and grab us!  If you are the one to fill the newly opened spot – CONTACT ME!!!   There is still time to get you in!    Retreat Page.


Back to the Journey – I’m going to be documenting my travels and my memories, giving you an inside glimpse into my life as a Unity person from the first moment I stepped onto the Unity Village Grounds – all the way up to now. Present Time.


The very first time I was at Unity Village was in the summer of 1994. I attended a retreat with my good friend, Mary Lou Flores. There we were transformed; there we were inspired; there we met life-time friends.


One of the things that happened in that first journey was a mystical, magical experience for me. I was sitting in the Peace Chapel and received a download of my Ordination Service. Mind you at the time, I didn’t have a thought, or even a glimmer of an impulse about becoming a minister – that was NOT in my world in any way, shape or form.


However, there it was. Complete. As if it was done. I mentioned this to my small group member and they all said, “Well, yeah. Of course. We see that.”  That floored me almost as much as the original experience did.


And the rest is history, as we like to say.  I’ll be sharing more about that moment and the resulting process over the next few weeks. So, be watching on facebook for the LIVE videos – all of which will be available on my facebook timeline.


It is no wonder that I’m being in memory as I step into the next level of my Beingness and what I’m bringing to the world, that I return to my roots in facilitating a retreat, similar to the one I attended some 22 years ago.


Stay Tuned!


In-Joy and With Ease,

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Igniting the Priestess Within

Save the Date!

Retreat at Unity Village,

May 13 – 15, 2016!


Igniting the Priestess Within Retreat

Connecting with Spirit, Self and Sisters, in sacred circle


If you’re longing for a time out from the busyness of life…

to connect with other like-minded, authentic women…

If you’re missing true, authentic, connection…

If you’re longing for a deeper connection to your soul…

Then this is the retreat for you!

Join Rev. Aliza as she guides you through a sacred process of connecting to Spirit and the feminine spirit of nurturing and support.

  • Igniting the Priestess Essence
  • Clear life-long patterns and limiting beliefs gently, easily and quickly
  • Open pathways into a greater expression of your purpose, passion and vision.

Friday, Evening

Saturday, All Day

Sunday, Morning

Using Music, Meditation, Movement and Creative Expression we will flow graciously through the weekend event leaving

  • Renewed, revitalized, nurtured and nourished
  • Tools and techniques for further connecting
  • A tangible piece for anchoring and remembering
  • Clarity, Confidence and Connection!

Details coming soon!

Save the date now – I’d love to see you there!

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Hungry for More Feminine Qualities?

Juicy – Creative – Collaborative – Expressive – Expansive – Supportive – Shadow – Authenticity – Vulnerability – Healing


These are all qualities that will be nurtured and nourished as we more fully activate the Divine Feminine through the archetype of the Priestess.

The Priestess archetype is a strong, empowered, self-expressed, powerful woman, a healer, creatrix, compassionate leader.  Think of Mary Magdalene fully embodied, equal partner to Jesus.

The world is changing and it is time to bring forth, to activate the feminine side of the Christ Consciousness, the spark of Divinity that we are.  It is time to bring it forth, not from a place of brokenness, or lack and limitation, but from the field of wholeness, of Oneness.

The Awakening the Priestess Essence will do just that.  We will be using activation, energy attunement and quantum clearing to bring forth the Essence of your inner Priestess, revealing that which is already there, resulting in clarity, confidence and a clear pathway to bring your gifts to the world.

We will be using sacred ritual, living ceremony in each weekend together as we cultivate the garden of awakening and transformation.  Are you called to join us?

The next circle is now forming.  Click here for more information.

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Looking for Your Sister Tribe?

Are you feeling alone?  Searching for the way to “come out” into all you know you are meant to be? Craving mutual support and collaboration even?  Yearning for a circle of women to share and grow and play with?IMG_20151019_092928538_HDR

We are calling in twelve women for a transformational experience and journey of becoming and expressing.  Awakening the Priestess Essence, a 9 month psycho-spiritual process of awakening and emerging.

Join now for this life-changing journey!

Psycho-spiritual, quantum clearing, archetypes, living ceremony are the foundation for this journey.  We meet six weekends over nine months, diving deep and emerging the deepest essence of our souls.

The circle is being formed now, the size is limited.  If you are intrigued or interested, contact me now for your application!  Click HERE for more information

Call to Action:  Call 816-284-7579 or email to be considered.

Details of the program are found here. 

Meeting six times over nine months; Friday evenings 7-10 and Saturdays 9-6.


  • February 26-27 – Orientation, Moon Stories
  • April 1-2 – Foot Washing and Initiation
  • May 20-21 – Telling our Stories
  • July 15-16 – Archetypes and Sacred Marriage
  • September 16-17 – Death and ReBirth
  • November 11-12 – Integration and Emergence

CLICK Here for more information.

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A Circle of Women

In 2003, I stumbled into a process that would change my life.  I came to be in a circle of women that would become my sisters, women that I know intimately and fiercely.  Women I admire, support, love and trust.

Nicole Christine, founder of the Priestess Process™
Nicole Christine

That first day, the day I met 12 women, unknown to me previously, I knew I was in the right place at the right time.  I committed to a nine-month process with this group of women as we journeyed to Awaken the Inner Priestess.

We shared and processed; we played and cried; we danced and we celebrated in living ceremony.  Something different each weekend, all building on an awakening and revealing process.  We were embodying and becoming even greater, more authentic versions of our real selves.

Awakening the Priestess Essence

This journey has become part of my firmament, the foundation of who I am in the world.  I subsequently continued on to another nine-month process called the Magdalene Mysteries, became an apprentice and led the journey.  It’s been a few years now since the last circle, but its time again!

It’s time to reactivate the deep mysteries of the feminine, to hold a container for awakening in circle and to call the next tribe of amazing women together.

Are you one of them?  Is it your time to nourish and nurture your inner Priestess?  Are you to be part of the next tribe coming together, right now?  If you feel the impulse, if the idea of the Priestess Process tickles at something deep in your psyche, consider joining us!

We will play and laugh, sing and dance, share and cry together as we activate the archetype of the Priestess through living ceremony.  We will activate the sacred cycles and rhythms through a journey beginning with initiation and ending with emergence.  We will touch on the feminine mysteries, shadow, sacred archetypes, sacred union, telling our stories and bringing our gifts to the world.

Feel the impulse, is it there?  Want more information?  Contact me for a private conversation to see if this might be the perfect time and process for you!

For more information: Awakening the Priestess Essence


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