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Black Friday!

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving and I know many people who are out early this morning shopping. Not me! I’m not a shopper anyway and I don’t really like crowds. So, I’m home with the family. Some are sleeping in and I’m taking a few moments in the early quiet to do my daily blog. This is day #18 of 30 in my challenge.

In a bit the kids will come over they are staying around the corner in our second unit in our Retirement park. Rob’s daughter, Dusti, her husband, Hunter and their two daughters, Eliot and Parker. We will make pancakes, take a quiet day and most likely spend a few hours at the pool.

I do love my quiet days with very little plans, no to-do’s and good times.

Meanwhile, since it is black Friday – black-fridayI wanted to join in the internet frenzy with a quiet special of my own. First before I mention what it is – you can scroll down, I wanted to introduce you to a few of my clients, and the miracles they are experiencing.

One client came to me desperate; she was entangled in a few relationships that had her strangled and suffocating. She was doing her absolute best to manage and yes, even control everyone and everything, but with no success. When she arrived she was at her wits end. She was tied up with stress to her eyeballs. Within a few sessions, she was beginning to energetically untangle her enmeshments and begin to find herself in her life. She was able with the disentanglement to step back and set better boundaries. She very quickly experienced a dramatic shift from arguing and yelling that led to tears and hurt feelings to one of being sure of herself, of speaking rationally and getting dramatically different results. Her relationships are continuing to get happier and healthier as she gets clearer and cleaner.

One client came to me struggling with the same pattern again and again. He found himself betrayed and abandoned and it had blind sided him. He could hardly breath, much less get up in the mornings. He was angry, bitter and really sad. Within the first session this client was able to land in place of peace within his heart. He was able to begin to breathe again. Within a couple of sessions he was finding love within himself and the world. In a few months, he was even experiencing forgiveness towards toe one who hurt him. Now, he is living life fully, enjoying every day and every moment again. He found himself and found a deeper part of himself. He’s happier than ever before.

Another client came with little hope of experience relief. She had tried everything that had come along in spiritual healing, techniques and practices. She had a deep seated wound that she carried around like a badge and nothing had been able to help her with it. Yet, she was willing to try one more thing. This worked. Within a session she realized that the life-long wound was gone. It was gone from her experience – in a very deep way. She could remember the pattern and even when she thought I should be reacting this way, it wasn’t there. She was freed in a way that impacted her entire life. With time, a few months she was expressing and experiencing things she had only imagined before. It was such a deep change that she hardly remembers the old way that had her for 50 years.

The work that I offer is completely individualized. You might see results like these, or more likely you will have something else. The work identifies a pattern that has kept you hostage for years, works it loose, removes it and replaces it with a new version. It’s like a system upgrade on your computer. Upgrading from DOS to Windows, then up to Windows 10.

  • If you are Stuck in a rut in your life;
  • Hitting ceilings in your relationships; or
  • Repeating unhealthy patterns in your life –

You are qualified! I offer a

I offer a 90 day deep dive experience where you will open up to restoring and revitalizing old patterns and limitations into new and fresh ways of living.

If this sounds like YOU – message me and we can get on the phone to chat!


I have Two Specials Today!

The Falling Into Ease BreakThrough Mastermind Program begins in early January and I’m offering an Early Bird discount if you register before December 20.  January 2017 pricing is $250/month – Register Now and get in for only $200/month! Schedule a Free Discovery Call to see if this is a fit for you!

Or – if you only want to get through the Holidays- I’m offering a Black Friday Flash Sale (never before offered) It is a three session package for only $375 – (Value $525).

Either way- NOW is the Time to get your Breakthrough – end 2016 on the right vibration and kick off 2017 with an intention for more purpose, passion, connection and more!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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Aliza Bloom Robinson, author, speaker, vibrational catalyst; touches hearts, frees souls and transforms lives through her simple yet profound programs and courses. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create a Life You Love, and the companion Guidebook. Join the fb community Falling Into Ease for daily tips, ideas, coaching and more!



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Life Lessons from the Flying Trapeze

Imagine with me, looking up in the sky to the flying trapeze artists; watch them swing and flip and fly through the air. Watch the one person let go of her bar and fly across space before being caught by her partner.

It’s so magical to watch, it’s fun and exciting. But did you ever think about what is really happening way up there above? Do you realize that she has to physically, literally and energetically let go of her bar before she can fly through space and be caught by someone else?  Free flying.

Trapeze 1           Trapeze 2Trapeze 3

A few year ago I had the opportunity to do just that. I flew on a trapeze and yes, even let go and was caught by my partner. It was the most frightening and exhilarating thing I had ever done. Think about the process for a moment.  First you have to climb up a gigantic rope ladder, you have to stand on a very small platform up, feels like miles, in the air. Then you have to jump off the platform, then let go of the bar.

There is mighty trust involved and a willingness to simply do what you are told immediately. There was an instructor on the ground that led the commands. The instruction was to do it immediately, because it is all about timing. And so I did.  I listened, and I did the required action immediately. It was the only way to do it. If I’d thought for even a split second about what was next, I would have frozen in time, missed the opportunity and deemed myself a failure for all time.

My point today, however, is that sometimes you have to let go of your good in order to move into a greater good. And sometimes there is a gap between them, the space between the bars, the moment between letting go and being caught. It can be a split second, but can feel like eternity.

Where is all the good you have keeping you from an even greater good?  Perhaps you have a good job, one that you wanted and loved, but now it is keeping you from the next level of expansion?  Perhaps you reached a goal and were quite happy there, but now something else is calling you. You don’t want to let go, but you want to experience more.

The more is the inherent nature of the universe, the calling, the aspiration for more experience, more purpose, more passion, more love. The process of receiving more involve the process of letting go.

I’ve been an ordained minister for over 16 years, and last year, I had to let it go, in order to step into a fuller expression of who I’m here to be and who I’m becoming. I’ve been teaching a phenomenal program called Prosperity Plus for over a year and I love it! My students, (and me, too) have grown and expanded in amazing ways. It’s been one of my favorite all time courses to teach.

Now, it’s time to let that go. I’ve been telling my students and inviting them into the next, last session of this course and the question I get again and again is, Why? Why is this the last time?

The simple answer is that it is time for me to teach my own work, to step even more fully into who I am becoming and develop my own courses. It’s time to step away from the safety net of teaching someone else’s work – even as brilliant as it is.  I’m in a business coaching group and I was recently talking to them about this work.

They called me out. First, why are you teaching for someone else and second, why is the price point so low. Through the course of discussion and deep, in my face coaching, I came to the decision to let it go. Even though I love it, even though it is good for my students, even though it works for me on so many levels. It keeps me playing on the same level. It keeps me from shining my own brilliance. It keeps me safe and secure.

So, here I go, letting go of one more trapeze bar, the one of my favorite course of all time and flying through the air – wondering yet, what might show up next.

My invitation to you is this.  Will you join me in the last session of Prosperity Plus!?  Will you help make this the best course ever in the history of teaching it? Will you take advantage of me, teaching Mary Morrissey’s work one last time?

I promise you, it will change your life!  I promise you, you will gain something grand in the process! It is a commitment program, so it will stretch you and call you into places you have only dreamed about. It is a group dynamic and a sacred container and I’d love to have you there.

If you’ve ever thought about joining, now is the time. If you’ve taken it before and want a refresher, now is the time. If it’s never crossed your awareness to join, now is the time.


The next session begins on Monday, July 18, 2016. 

The initial investment is only $39, and the commitment to tithe into the course for the duration of the 10 weeks, to attend each class session (live from the comfort of your computer or phone, wherever you are) and to participate with the class materials. If you do that you will be stepping into a New Way of Living as we discover how to Harness the Invisible Powers.

Will you join me? Will you be part of the good, moving to a greater good?

Meanwhile, what good are you experiencing that is being asked to be released so you can experience a greater good?  Perhaps that is exactly what this course will guide you to!


Much love!

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Law of Increase

Are you hungry for more?  More purpose, more passion, more connection? It is a completely normal and natural part of life on this planet.

I’m always looking for the next best thing, the next adventure, the next idea, the next opportunity. I have wondered at some point if my ever continual seeking was an indicator that I wasn’t happy with my life as it is.  I’m teaching people about accepting and allowing what is to be ok.

As I look deeper, however, what I notice is that I’m completely happy with what is.  I love my life and the more I love it, the more I seek more.  So, what is that?Law of Increase

It is the universal Law of Increase. It’s been spoken by many teachers, scientists, spiritual leaders over the centuries. In one of the courses I teach, we use Wallace Wattles’, Science of Getting Rich as a text and exploratory study.  He has a chapter with this subject as the title.

He says the Law of Increase “is the urge of the Formless intelligence within (them) seeking fuller expression.” It is a fundamental impulse of the universe.

One of my first spiritual teachers, Emilie Cady spoke about desire in her book, Lessons In Truth. She said desire is simply God knocking at the door of your heart, calling you to more good.

Scientists tell us that we are either increasing or decreasing; we are either experiencing more life or less life.

What is it in you that you desire more of?  It doesn’t have to be material wealth, it can be creativity, beauty, quiet soul time. Some of us have a hard time wanting more wealth because it doesn’t feel spiritual or it feels dirty of some old worn out belief system, but in reality, the desire for more wealth is simply the desire for a more abundant life. With wealth, it is easier to live the way your heart desires. With wealth, you can have the adventures you seek, you can give and help the world as the impulse hits you, you can be relaxed and free. Who doesn’t want more of that?  Relaxation and Freedom.

What if you were to focus on the Law of Increase?  What could you give more of?  How could you give more than is expected in order to open the channels of more good coming to you?

Could you be a little kinder? Could you give more love, more lightness or laughter? Could you see every transaction that you participate in, being blessed by more than the money being exchanged?  Give the thought of increase to every person you meet.

Seek the places that your soul longs for more and begin to use the law of increase in that area. This is the law of increase. Become familiar with it and see what magic begins to happen in your life.

Are you hungry for more?  Awesome!  Post a comment below and let me know what you area you are seeking increase in.

Much love!

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Master Your Thoughts

“There is no labor from which people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought; it is the hardest work in the world.”  Wallace Wattles, Science of Getting Rich, p10.

Thought is the hardest work

The power of thought.  What we think about creates what we experience.  This is basic truth.  Not new thought mumbo, jumbo, it is physics and truth.  It sounds so simple yet the hardest work we will ever do is mastering our minds.

Our minds are sort of like young children who are curious and all over the place.  We think something good and immediately we are barraged with dozens or hundreds of opposing thoughts.

Our attention is attracted to the facts of the world, to what is going on out there, especially in the media.  Do you notice that we’ve come to a place in consciousness that if we see something on Facebook, we automatically think it’s true?

Here’s the deal.  There two realms in which we live.  One is the Absolute or Truth and the other the realm of Appearances.  As we come to master our thoughts we have to commit 100% to being in the absolute and ignoring the appearances.

This is where so many of us get stuck. The appearances are big, they look real, they catch our attention the way a bug is attracted to light.  But, appearances are only that.  They are simply what appears to be happening at any given time in our lives and in the world.

Wallace Wattles, in The Science of Getting Rich (p10) says, To think what you want to think is to think TRUTH, regardless of appearances.” Think what you think

Can you think abundance in the face of the appearances of lack?  If so, you are well on your way.  If not, like most of us, then you will experience even more lack.  It’s quite simple, but not easy.

Learn to pay attention to what you are really thinking.  Not when you are doing your prayer work or affirmations or visioning, but when you aren’t really thinking at all.  Notice if your tendency is to shift back into some level of negative thinking.  Most of us do.

Then make a choice.  Make a commitment to the betterment of your life and the world, to STOP IT!  To put your full awareness on the Truth, on what you want, on that which you most desire.  Put your full attention on gratitude, expansion, what’s next in a dreaming your life way.

It is the hardest work that we will ever do.  Mastering our thoughts.  Will you join me in making a commitment to doing whatever it takes to master your own thoughts?

Start with this little practice of will:  Set a timer for 60 seconds and think only of a candle flame.  How did you do?  Can you do it easily?  Then go for 5 minutes, but this time think of something you desire to see, have, experience.  Can you hold that thought for 5 minutes? 

The work becomes paying attention in every moment.  Since it is quite difficult to notice every thought, begin to notice how your body feels?  Is it expansive and in gratitude?  Or did you slip into collapsing or negativity?  If you notice that you have slipped into negativity, boredom, overwhelm or distraction, simply notice it and make a new choice.  This is where is it helpful to have a mantra.  In the Millionaire Mindset Mastermind, we are using:  I am happy, healthy and wealthy. 

Wallace also says, “To think health when surrounded by the appearances of disease, or to think riches when in the midst of appearances of poverty, requires power; but he who acquires this power becomes a MASTER MIND.  He can conquer fate; he can have what he wants.”

If you are ready to master your own thoughts, comment below and let me know!


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Daily Support, Expansion and Mastermind!

It has come to my attention that many of us still have money issues.  Oh, DUH you say.  I know, I know…     Money Issues

For me, I’m committed to mastering the money thing!  I’ve always had enough money, but sometimes, especially in my earlier years, just enough.  I’ve never really gone hungry, but I have had to watch my pennies at the grocery store.  In recent years, I have plenty of money and no worries. Yet even still I think about the places I still have belief in lack or make choices from a contracted position.  Maybe you do too.

I want to change that!

That’s why I’ve always taught prosperity programs.  The one I’m teaching currently is the best one I’ve found ever, and I’ve taught and explored lots of them!   There is another Prosperity series coming up again in June.  Check it out here.


In my conversations with people in a number of different arenas, I’ve been throwing out the idea of the Millionaire Mindset.  Now, I realize that some other people in the world use that term and that they are probably much closer to being millionaires than I am, but I like it.  It is activating something in me that is new.


What does the phrase do to you?  Do you open in anticipation?  Or do you contract with some thoughts of beliefs like:  That’s not for me, Oh I couldn’t do that?  Or there’s something wrong with her for speaking into it.


A pivotal conversation I had with my colleague, Candy planted a seed.  We were at a women’s business retreat that was amazing.  She was talking about another group that she participates in and how most of the millionaires are men.  That triggered a really fun, in depth conversation about women and money.


Three things came together in the past few weeks that sparked a new idea.  The conversation with Candy, the completion of the current prosperity program and my desire for a Mastermind group.  So… I’m inviting you to join in a 90 program – The Millionaire Mindset Mastermind.  

MMM Pink

Just to be clear, I don’t have a million dollars, I’m not a millionaire, nor even close.  I’m learning to love money more -not for the money, but for what I can do with it.  For the experiences, the generosity, the contributions I can make.  I’m healing my spiritual vs money paradigms and want to share that with You!


In the course that just ended, I left the students with a challenge.  To spend the next 90 days in study.  Every day.  Until you reach 90 days in succession.  There is something about 90 days that is transformational.  Many challenges start with 21 days and that is a stretch.  But if you really want lasting change, let’s do 90!  When I teach, I also participate, so I took my own challenge.  Then I took it a step further…


I also committed to giving something, every day for 90 days to You.  It could be a simple reminder, an inspirational quote, a highly calibrated, provoking question or a short video tip.  Every day, for 90 days.


That is huge for me.  If you know me at all, you can imagine the places I’ll be in the next 90 days.  In fact, I have a full travel schedule already booked.  That’s why some days will be simpler and in different formats than others.


It is a Huge Challenge and I promise you if you stick with it – you will be changed at depth.  Of course, you can participate and only skim over the offerings and not take them to heart.  Of course, you can ignore the program and not be changed at all.


I’m challenging you to Step Up!  To say Yes!  To try this on for 90 days – that takes us through mid-August, and see what kind of magic might happen during the summer.


Click here to find out more: Millionaire Mindset Mastermind!

To read another blog article about it: Click Here 


I’d love to hear from you on this.  Are you interested?  Can you stretch?  Is 90 days too long or not long enough?  What do you like about the challenge?

Much love,


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